Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Covered, Part Two

One last wordy thing to say about being covered, and then I'll move on to talking about how much I love Cocoa Puffs 100-calorie treats and dislike that trendy, new shoulder peep-hole look (especially on little girls):

The more I ponder what it means to be covered in Christ -- protected, shielded, shaded, blanketed, clothed, secured, forgiven, accepted -- the more my brain's capacity seems to dwindle. As Aslan says to Lucy, "Every year you grow, you will find me bigger." God's like this majestic and mysterious Ruler of all the land. It's that classic Christian cliche scenario, "If he's small enough to understand, he's not big enough to worship."

Yet he personally speaks and relates to me through things like his Word, my friends, my morning coffee, and even the wind. (Weird, right?) And I imagine him one day saying, "Molly, before the creation of the universe, I've known all about you and your silly, silly school girl ways, and have loved you still - your lisp being my favorite part. So here is your mansion with garden lattices and crown moulding and new carpet!" (My earthly perspective really reaches for the moon.)

I suppose there are negative connotations to my word-of-the-day. One could say, "That mom's shirt was 'covered' in throw up." "The dog was 'covered' with ticks." (Or for my Alabama-born hound dog, "Dawg's covered'n tay-icks.") Or, "The cake was not 'covered' all the way with frosting." I mean, no one wins there.

But God's idea of being covered has a sense of eternal completion to it, an all-the-way-ness about it. As I've taken God more seriously over the years, I notice I've got a lot of sludge in my mindset and in the way I react to situations. Nothing major, but I imagine for some people it's like, "Yes! Once I kick this cocaine habit (thinking of something really bad here), I'll be perfect!" But then, as Pastor Jon Courson puts it, "As you draw nearer to God, you soon realize there are so many subtleties in your heart - motives, attitudes, perspectives - that are amiss."

The point being is that where sin increased, grace abounded all the more (Romans 5:20). Definitely not permission to sin, but a realization that the more I think I've got this God thing downtown-julie-brown, the more I realize how that much MORE I need his patience and to be (one more time for fun) covered by him.


  1. Love this! And so true. I can completely hear your voice in this post. It feels like you are in my living room having some morning coffee with me.

    1. How fun! Thanks for commenting! Love you!

  2. While I'm totally looking forward to hearing more about cocoa puffs and rants on strange fashion, I'm loving this post! Just the reminder I needed this morning!