Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Sound of Music

I grew up listening to a rather eclectic mix of music. Started out with Barry Manilow's "Mandy" and Artie Shaw's "Begin the Beguine." Then, as Christian music filled our home, I listened to tons of Keith Green. And not before long, Amy Grant and Russ Taff took center stage. Actually, more like Amy Grant and Russ Taff mixed with a little Janet Jackson and that "Rock Me Amadeus" song.

Crazy, but I remember taping Janet Jackson's "Pleasure Principal" video on MTV and watching it over and over when my mom went to Lucky's. Looking back, who cares? My mom wouldn't have cared. Miss Jackson just danced in some warehouse, knocking down a few chairs in the process. Fully clothed, too.

So depending on your generation, we all have songs that have sorta stuck. For example, if you tell me to pack it up, I will say, "Pack it in, let me begin." If your name is Michelle, my parents might say, "Ma Belle." Or if you get a chenille blanket, my aunt will say, "Schlemiel, Schlemazel ('chenille,' shluh-mozzle)." 

At any rate, I love music. I think God likes to woo me with it. Like he's trying to captivate me. And lyrics aren't always necessary. I get woo'ed when I listen to the soundtrack of Pride and Prejudice. Even the music from that British rock group, Muse, does it for me. (Is it weird to like Muse?) And what I would give to be able to play an instrument or sing like my sister, Mary. But God knew I'd be a huge fan anyway. Guess I didn't need to both love it and get the goods.

What about worship at church? So great! Well, it depends on where, if I'm honest. (God is still working on me with this one. Do not judge. I love a good guitar.) Singing with others, joining in on what's already happening in heaven. Telling God how huge and amazing he is, yet personal and very real. It all makes me worship.

Sad thing, though, I can be standing in church - singing with all my heart - and in a split-micro-second think human things like, "I feel something in my teeth. Are my thighs touching? My toes look pretty."

But thankfully - apart from being "prone to wander" - according to Psalm 22:3, God inhabits our praises. He sits enthroned all around us when we worship Him. So when I sing along with David Crowder Band and Gungor - or simply give God due credit for the joy of music - he is making himself at home all around me.

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