Friday, June 15, 2012

17 Years of El Jefe

Next week, Jeff and I celebrate 17 years of marriage. I did the math, and that's 17 Christmas trees. (Weird how that works.) And I've also come up with, in no special order, 17 reasons why I'm glad I married my man.

Reason #1:  Insanely talented. Love showing him off - I get such a kick out of telling people what he does. You guys, he's a toy designer. Who does that? My husband.

Reason #2:  Knows how to rescue me from poisonous snakes and runaway trains, for he's had plenty of practice while sleepwalking.

Reason #3:  Way cute. In fact, I've been told he's "crazy cute." He's got that slow, smooth smile.

Reason #4:  Funny, witty, clever, quick, slightly irreverent, and wry.

Reason #5:  From-here-to-Alabama-and-backingly adventurous. Just like that, he made it all happen. Cross-country moves are a lot of work - mentally, emotionally, physically.

Reason #6:  What a dad! He is so good at it. And since I've decided I'd rather wash the dog than organize a science project (or anything requiring a tri-fold poster board), I'm so glad he takes charge. Oh, he makes great kids, too.

Reason #7:  Loves Mount Hermon as much as I do. Our forever vacation home.

Reason #8:  A God thing. If we weren't on the same page spiritually, I think I'd lose it. I simply cannot be everything my husband needs, and he cannot be everything I need. Jesus is our everything.

Reason #9:  Brought out the closet rocker within me. It began with huge, floor-standing speakers in our living room - as tall as me. Throw in 17 years of advancing technology and a few Stryper concerts, and boom! I now like electric guitar solos and the cowbell.

Reason #10:  A Do-It-Yourself-er. Dry wall, tile, and cabinet installer. Furniture, bike, and toy put-together-er. That's right, ladies.

Reason #11:  A man's man. He just knows things. Scruffy. Rough around the edges, yet enjoys a good Little House on the Prairie episode. Athletic and strong, yet snuggles with kittens. Likes to hike and likes to eat.

Reason #12:  Likes to eat.

Reason #13:  Dependable. On-time and efficient. When he says 2.3 minutes, he really means 1.8 minutes.

Reason #14:  Jumbo-size, post-labor, "feminine protection" pads neither scare nor embarrass him. He takes care of me in every circumstance.

Reason #15:  Gives me wings so I can soar to tops of mountains with the eagles that fly around the pretty trees and the bears... or something like that. In other words, he lets me do my thang.

Reason #16:  A great companion. Perhaps my favorite part of being married. What would Masterpiece Theater, blue cheese salad wedges, and a good thunderstorm be like without him? (Sigh, it never rains in Southern California. Almost never.)

AND... Reason #17:  His thighs are bigger than mine.
Anyway, I like being married. So thankful God thought me a good candidate for it. My life - the good and the bad - will not go unnoticed because Jeff is there to notice it. And that goes both ways.

(Happy 17th Anniversary to the best companion to lil ol' me, Molly P! I love you!)