Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gosh Darn Web

Saw the new Spiderman movie last week. Really liked it. Probably because it has a lot of story-telling. (I may or may not have teared-up a couple times.) And that Emma Stone - love her. And that Spiderman - does whatever a spider can.

And it was nice watching a super hero movie that doesn't have a ton of action scenes. My mind drifts during those parts - "I hope plaid is in this Fall... Mmm, vanilla frozen yogurt with crushed Butterfingers... Am I too old to fangirl with my friends?"

Either that, or my movie theater "sensory overload" issues - my spidey senses - get heightened beyond their norm. I can't handle people eating popcorn or opening packages around me. Come on guys, what is this? A movie theater? 

But action scenes usually mean there's a bad guy or some kind of problem to overcome. Just imagine Spiderman with no enemies, no "missing parent" mystery, and not being weirded-out by his body as it transformed from the ordinary Peter Parker. 

How about other movies? What's Shawshank with no Redemption? Cinderella with no midnight curfew? Pride and Prejudice without Mr. Darcy describing Elizabeth as being "tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me" at the beginning of the movie, only to "ardently admire and love" her at the end?

It's safe to say that movies without conflict are boring. And lives without conflict are boring. Mean people, sassy kids, fender benders - all make for one thrilling adventure. Er, well... at least the part where God works all things together for good for those who love him (Romans 8:28) - either here or in eternity.

But truth be told, I'm the last person to shout praises when I'm in the thick of things. I can't even move to Alabama without freaking out. That transition several years back was a biggy for me. I was (am) so embarrassed about how hard I took it all. I would sob, "Why am I falling apart like this?"

However, someone in Alabama asked me (at a real low point), "Molly, who are you to tell God which types of trials are worthy of refining you?" In other words, was I really about to not let God use this one to make me a stronger, more capable, and well-rounded person? I guess I thought God reserved his best work for only those who've experienced horribly tragic things. Because Alabama was just... Alabama. Nothing torturous.

Ah, but refine me he did. Like gold and silver get purified in fire. And now I'm starting to see the beauty of my life in the South. (Three years this August since moving back to Cali!) The forever friends I've made. The four seasons. Business opps. Family memories. And learning to be still... on a quiet back porch... trusting in the One who brought me thus far

Life can be tricky, though. Some "life lessons" just don't seem worth the heartache involved. I get it. But I've heard it said the purpose of life is not to arrive at death safely. And if conflict in a movie makes the story better, then conflict in my life must make me better.