Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Year's in July

Time to put the fort-making and teen Facebook monitoring on hold, along with all the fighting over who gets the good Wii controller. Mount Hermon, here we come - where donuts grow on trees, where beauty is every-which-way, and where I got proposed to twice, once at the age of four by a cute boy in super white sneakers and then 16 years later by my husband in Timberland brown leather work boots (see 17 Years of El Jefe).

Ah, Mount Hermon... a non-cheesy, Christian family camp nestled in the coastal redwoods of California. We go every year around this time. And it kind of sets my yearly clock. So with school starting shortly after, Mount Hermon is like my New Year's Eve. One could say my 12-month calendar starts in August and ends in July.

And because of that, I might make a few resolutions while up at camp. Well maybe not in the traditional sense, but I might do some sort of life check. You know, to see how I'm doing. What are my Molly issues? For starters, I'm a bit of a complainer, love dessert way too much, and interrupt people when they're talking.

And I tend to prioritize strangely. For example, on a good day I'll arrange my priorities in this order:  God, hubby, kids, friends, work-outs, and house. The next day:  Work-outs, friends, house, kids, God, and hubby. Not too bad, right?

But then suddenly, the following 17 days in a row will consist of entirely new sub-categories, prioritized in this order:  Buttercream frosting, creating iTune playlists, Us Weekly's "Just Like Us" page, Internet searches for the-perfect-crumb-cake recipe, and Target's shower curtain aisle. (Have you seen their shower curtains lately? Adorable.) And maybe out of guilt, I'll squeeze in a kid or two.

But my very wise aunt put me at ease when she said, "Molly, sometimes we're A+ wives, B- mothers, and D+ friends." She said this in light of all the expectations we place on our kids to be the best at all times - perfect grades, perfect obedience, perfect behavior - when in actuality, they have days just like the rest of us.

I guess as it relates to my aforementioned "Molly issues," I might, for example, get a big fat F for complaining about not getting enough dessertYet, simultaneously get an A-plus-plus for listening to my friends, not interrupting them.

Besides, 1 John 3:19-20 says (my most favorite verse), "This then is how we know that we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence whenever our hearts condemn us. For God is greater than hearts, and he knows everything."

What a verse for my upcoming "new year." It's so true - my heart condemns me all the time. So glad God is greater than my heart, having more compassion and understanding toward me than I will ever have towards myself.

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