Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rehash My Trash?

I'm a snob when it comes to walking - that's power walking. I like to walk fast. I walk to eat more cookies. Although my legs are short, they sure can move. Even my six-foot-two husband has a hard time catching up. And my dog can only keep up for so long. And my kids are hit or miss.

So oftentimes I go alone. So that usually means I start thinking. And thinking turns to praying. And praying sadly turns to coveting as I pass by my favorite white house with black shutters and red geranium window baskets. (One day I hope to get a good, long look into its cute insides. So cozy.)

And I pass all sorts of people, too. Some are super friendly. Others I can tell from way far off that they're psyching themselves up just to pass me. You know, human interaction. During one walk, a crazed woman mumbled as she got closer, "I bet you think I belong in an insane asylum." So odd.

I see interesting things, too. The other day I walked by an open garage, and there was a trash can inside, labeled, "Trash to go through." Hmm, what could that mean? Isn't that like "bills to pay twice?" Wouldn't they want their trash to be trash - and that be the end of it?

The only time I go through my trash is when I accidentally throw away a good piece of chocolate or something important, like a check from work. (Apparently direct deposit is the way to go.)

Kind of gross, but I literally hung the top half of my body over the rim of the large, outside trash can just to find the lost check. And while down there, I learned a few things: I don't recycle nearly enough, I eat a lot of apples, my kids need to stop throwing away their forks, I'm a pretty consistent flosser, and there is no smell like the smell of leftover, wet cat food.

However, do I really want to re-visit my trash? My trash trash? Things from the past? Things I've done or thought of doing? Things I've judged wrongly or stupidly said? Maybe digging it all up is helpful - perhaps seeing where I went wrong in a situation is a good thing? Could be.

But knowing me, dwelling on my trash would slow me down - just like rocks slow down my speedy walking pace. Rocks? Yes. It happens every time. One will get lodged in the grooves of my Asics. And since I have this tendency to parallel my mundane experiences with my faith, I compare that rock to life dragger-downers - my fear, my pride, and my jealousy over houses that are cuter than mine and filled with Pottery Barn furniture.

It's true what David Crowder Band sings: "I don't have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way you love me." And, "If your grace were an ocean, we are all sinking."

Okay then, when does rehashing past and present "trash" become wasted time? When I really-really-truly begin to grasp God's love for me - understanding that it's not contingent upon my life's performance - I let him throw my trash away. "As far as the east is from the west, so far does he (Jesus) remove our transgressions from us." (Psalm 103:12)

So here we go, neon-orange-laced and rock-free Asics tennies, it's time to put our best (and fast) foot forward and move along unencumbered. Love - not guilt - is going to power this next walk.


  1. Loved this! Made me laugh & was also what I really needed to hear today. God is working through you my friend!

  2. Love-- not guilt. I like that! Excellent post. :)