Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Love, Not Like

You know what gets a bad rap these days? The word "love." There are those individuals who think it's disgraceful, the way it casually gets thrown around. "I love ranch dressing. I love new socks. I love Shark Week." Apparently these are things we're supposed to just "like."

I've heard it all before, parents who say, "Um, we teach our kids that 'hate' and 'love' are very strong words... and to never use hate... and to never use love for ordinary things." If you ask me, sounds kind of stale and boring. I just hate being told I can't love things. Makes my inner Anne-of-Green-Gables come out and respond with, "Oh, how much you miss."

I wonder if the creator of Facebook's "like" button is like that? A person dead-set on keeping love in its place - kept special for family, friends, spouse, and God. Oh, and maybe for a pet, as long as there's no funny business. (No pet rocks.) But definitely not for status updates, which are to be "liked" only.

And I bet this Facebook employee fought long and hard to keep it at "like," but then fell in like, then in love, with someone in marketing... and he calmed her down, "Honey, is it really worth it?" But the company went with "like" anyway. And there you go.

But what to do? For I just love Fall programming, green traffic lights, and Dove soap. When I was a teenager, I totally loved football games, Cover Girl's Shimmering Shell lipstick, and my Guess jeans. (All in the same night? Triple the love.) And when I was a kid, I loved candy cigarettes, rollie polies, and handball. So much so that I wanted to marry the stuff.

I don't know. Maybe the tightly-wound, Facebook-"like"-button-managers of this world are right. Perhaps I am too frivolous with what I deem as lovable. But because I've tasted and seen what real love is, God's love - a love that is slow to anger, bears all things, believes all things, endures all things, rejoices when others do amazing things, patient, kind, yielding, etc. etc. etc! - it's easier to lighten up a little in the day-to-day.

So take a load off and go for it! Enjoy the big things and the little things, and say "love."


  1. Well said Molly ... you're well on your way to becoming an "Olympic Blogger / step aerobic instructor"! I'm reminded of "Merry Christmas". By virtue of my daily business interactions / telephone calls in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, etc.; in past years --- I routinely have stated "Seasons Greetings" vs Merry Christmas. Interestingly, most countries around the world recognize and willingly accept this American religious / festive holiday. Yet, in the US ... I felt pressure of the past couple years to "generic" the term Merry Christmas to Season's Greetings. Very very strange for this US orientation when the rest of the world is very tolerant. My thoughts --- it's the Obama social evolution --- and I say "screw it" and reverted back to Merry Christmas greetings this past season. Remind me, I display the US flag on all public holidays ..... is this still legal? Some would suggest that it is inappropriate .... wow, I can't believe the "new" US in the past 3.5 years.