Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Election

Chicken bowl lunches with my mom are always great. Chicken bowl lunches with my mom and my 10th grader... even better. Sure it was a school day, but I give my kids about two, maybe three "mental health" days per year. (Sometimes I'm cool like that.)

So there we were eating lunch last week, and in walked a handful of high school students. Being the forever-nosy mother, I asked my daughter, "Know any of 'em? What kind of kids are they?" And you know exactly what kind of info I was looking for. Everything from: "Which one thinks you're pretty?" to "That girl really shaved a boy's eyebrow off in math class?"

Yes, I didn't make the whole eyebrow thing up just now. It actually happened on my watch. I once subbed at a high school in a rough area. Bad idea. You send Molly - short, freckly, loves Barry Manilow and kittens, has a lisp ("Come on guy-th, thettle down!") - into a "yo yo, waddup sub" type of classroom, and the razor blades come out every time.

But on this day, the kids having lunch around us were sweet ASB kids, according to my daughter. And I got all excited because I know exactly what those are! That was me in high school. A sweet ASB kid. I was I.O.C. President my Senior year.

Too bad I was horrible at it. For starters, I don't even remember what "I.O.C." stood for. My duties had something to do with making sure the student body communicated with clubs around campus. (I'm guessing the C was for "clubs?") And also something to do with having really great hair and making sure each of my eyelashes were perfectly mascara'd.

Strange that it was an "elected" position. I didn't deserve to win. If I were to go back in time, I'd tell everyone to vote for me, not because I cared about campus clubs meshing together, but because I needed friends (my Junior year stunk) and thought ASB a good place to make them. Student body kids were generally nice and good.

So there ended my career in politics. Just a one-year term for me. But now there's an even bigger election - a huge election - ahead. How easy it is to get carried away with it all. To put all our hope in the outcome, thinking our joy is somehow linked to it.

I recently had the privilege of listening to Nick Vujucic - an armless and legless man - speak on the topic of hope and joy. He said he used to think, "If only I had arms and legs, then I'd... I'd be as happy as, uh... as all of you?" How profound! Puts the whole "all will be great if only so-and-so is President" into perspective.

The only election that ultimately matters is God's electing of me - of you - to be linked to him for eternity. Such freedom! Such peace! That's true joy - a joy that goes deep and is unshakable, through thick and thin, lasting for all time.

But as for my single unsuccessful year in politics, maybe I would have served my school better had the clubs not been so mathematical and athletic. Where was the "I Love Talking, So Let's Talk" club? Well, I kind of talked my way into each club regardless, making the friends I was hoping to make in the first place.  


  1. MVHS? I know that the "too cool for school" smoker kids hang out at that Taco Bell on La Paz and Chrisanta and they do not care if it takes your whole green light for them to get across that street! They're probably the eyebrow shavers!

    1. Haha, Carolynn - I mean, don't they know about laser hair removal? It'll get the job done without razors and without expulsion from school - haha :)