Thursday, January 24, 2013

Boom Boom Pow

There's a "Top Ten" list for everything these days. I did my research. Everything. And at the tippy top of my own personal list - most often not in this order - you'll find God, hubby, three pre-teen/teen kids, and my gym life.

But for now, let's put gym life at numero uno and discuss workout music. And since it is the beginningish of the year - peak fitness resolution time - top ten lists for workout songs are all the rage. Even the workout-once-but-talk-about-it-all-year crowd have their say in it.

Okay, here it is. Top Ten Workout Music for January 2013. Be prepared to only know a couple, if any:

1. Nicki Minaj - Va Va Voom
2. Coldplay - Charlie Brown
3. Icona Pop & Charli XCX - I Love It
4. Pitbull & TJR - Don't Stop the Party
5. 50 Cent, Eminem, & Adam Levine - My Life
6. The Wanted - Chasing the Sun
7. Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Wanz - Thrift Shop
8. Fun & Janelle Monae - We Are Young
9. Will.I.Am & Britney Spears - Scream and Shout
10. One Direction - Live While We're Young
Turns out I have a few on my aerobic playlists. And my classes really do scream-and-shout when Scream and Shout comes on. But I'm surprised by a couple. Not to name any names, but some of the above-mentioned songs have the same momentum I use when eating oatmeal every morning. Shouldn't there be rules to this sort of thing?

It's all in the music (and my orthopedic shoe inserts). If good music doesn't bring my workout to the next level, then I don't know what will. Gotta-get-that-boom-boom-pow is essential if I'm going to even consider adding arm movements to my double-squat-tic-tocks.

Now what about life? Work life. Family life. Target life. Dog park life. All sorts of life. What's that one thing that keeps me going once the coffee wears off, and I'm all out of Sees Candies lollipops? It's GRACE - amazing grace. What music is to my workouts is what grace is to my life.

So to keep things on topic, what about my gym life as a fitness instructor? Because no amount of boom-boom-pow is going to help me cope with, for example, the lady in my strength class who I caught rolling her eyes while mouthing the words, "This is so boring." (Okay. I get it. My strength class lacks pizazz. I've got to get new stories.)

Or...or...what about the day I noticed my pants were inside-out and I had two different shoes on...with still 45 minutes left of step to I make a joke of it...but it came out wrong...inappropriate front of over 50 people?

It's grace, people. Grace comes in handy in those moments when I look around the room and think, "Who's going to laugh with me, not at me? Who's going to turn their pants inside out, too - anyone?" And not only is it nice to be at the receiving end of grace as it soothes my self-loathing soul, but to also throw it around a bit - like a rap star with his cash money. (Boom-boom-pow.)

Because certainly my class needs a little grace themselves - especially the newbies. The ones who take each and every move I make extremely literally. I scratch my head, they scratch their head. I bend down to tighten my shoelaces, they bend down to do who-knows-what. I wave to a friend in the back, they wave to...well, they're not sure exactly. But it must burn calories, right? (Gotta love the newbies.)

So what makes this grace - God's grace - so amazing? Could it be that it's a greater grace? (James 4:6) What does God's greater grace mean in my life anyway? Howz-about I sum it up in a "Top Ten" list:

1. Greater Victory
2. Gladder Joy
3. Freer Freedom
4. Unlimited Forgiveness
5. Forgotten Failures
6. Immeasurable Mercy
7. Unconditional Love
8. Deeper Depths
9. Higher Heights
10. Promised Redemption

So what if you can't fathom doing one more single stinkin' back-lunge-kick-out? (The pain!) All you need to do is Scream and Shout with Will.I.Am and Britney Spears. But what if someone told you that you were doing it wrong? God's soul-satisfying, for-YOU-not-against-you grace will come to the rescue, time and time again.

Gotta get that!

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