Thursday, January 10, 2013

Little Girl Blog

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. That can be bad or good. Bad if your kid has the same propensity as you have to memorize questionable lyrics to current pop music. (Prince's Erotic City, circa 1984, anyone?) And good if your kid wants to start a blog - just like her momma.

And speaking of 1984, plus or minus a few years, my darling children have to patiently endure hearing about my youthful adventures as I daily relate them to their modern, plugged-in lives. But there's got to be some common ground, right? How far off is Polaroid from Instagram, really? Not far. And games like Temple Run and Angry Birds? Same as Atari. Or what about Draw Something? Because, well, I drew things back then.

But back to my blog-tastic nine-year-old. Love that girl. After reading her first blog entry a couple weeks ago, I decided she can do no wrong. Judge for yourself, read the excerpt below and notice how - just like her mom - she parallels life and faith:

In this lesson we are going to learn about things God didn't make, but how he made the person to make the tool to make the thing. And how God gave the person the right stuff to make the thing.

Okay. I think she's blogging and playing teacher at the same time, but check this one out:

Today we are going to talk about the Holy Spirit. There is God the Holy Spirit, God the Son, and then there's just the Holy Spirit. You can't see the Holy Spirit, but you can see him changing lives.

She even added a suggested prayer at the end:

Dear God, Please help me to help the Holy Spirit a little more so I can show the world I'm a Christian. Amen.

Now, I became a big fan of this girly-girl the moment I pushed her into the world. And she really sealed the deal when several years ago she asked, "Mom, can I have another brownie because I wasn't paying attention when eating the first one." But this!? I gushed. I giggled. I smelled her sweet head. Talk about warm-fuzzies. So proud.

As for the critics out there - sure my daughter seems to think there are two Holy Spirits and that at least one of them needs our help. But not for one single itty-bitty second was I about to correct her theology. There's a time for that, and that was not the time. I was too busy swooning. (Does God swoon over me in all my ignorance? Patient with me when I'm slow-to-catch-on? You betcha.)

Look at King David. He missed the mark once or twice, and God still called him a man after his own heart (Acts 13:22). And my daughter has a heart open wide to the things of God. What could top that?

So as she shifts to blogging about Bufflehead ducks - "the smallest diving duck in North America" - for her 3rd grade classroom's blog, I look forward to what she thinks-up next as she relies on God to "make the person to make the tool to make the thing" and everything in between.

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  1. That Darla is one fantastic girl! Also just like her momma!