Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Town Blues

Some people are spending the week in New York City. Eating at swanky restaurants. Bumping into the likes of Colin Farrel and Jason Alexander. No biggie. (Just B-actors, right?)

And some people are also texting pictures of Times Square to their loved ones. And probably checking out the cool heart-shaped ice sculpture over there, made special for Valentine's Day. Taking in all that energy. Waking up each day in a city that never sleeps.

Yawn if you ask me. Because I'm over here doing my thing: "Look at me adding blueberries to these cheerios. Whose turn is it to jiggle the toilet handle? I need to buy more spoons."

Interestingly enough, the "some people" I'm referring to is my husband. And to think I could have gone! Shoulda-woulda-coulda. A business trip for him, a day of adventure and hijinks for me and my cute scarf. Don't worry, I wouldn't have been alone. I know people. I've got a cousin Pat in NY and a friend in Jersey. And of course, there's Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Strange thing is, my husband had dinners at 9:00 pm with clients and coworkers. Probably didn't eat until 10:00. That's Colin Farrel time, folks. So I'm kind of hoping he saves some of that flava for Orange County. Because the next time he wants to get to The Outback by 4:45 to avoid the rush, I'm going to call him on it, "Hey Mr. New York man, not so fast. Save those white denim party pants for at least 6:00 pm, will ya?"

So while I sit here waiting for my ship to come in, I'm suddenly reminded: My ship is in! It's at the dock! Maybe not in the New York Harbor, but this non-business-trip season of life is fabulous! It's long been diaper-free, and I'm now teenage-braced.

Sure it's a mixed-bag existence, working a little away from home and a lot in the home, not knowing exactly where I'm headed career-wise, mom-wise, home-wise, and one day empty-nest-wise. But it suits me! Besides, I'm entering my confident years - a time I can proudly say without muffling, "I use condensed soups!"

And I heard a perfect prayer at church this past weekend - a prayer that helped anchor my ship:

"What have you got going today, God? You love this world. You loved it into life. We are all yours. You created us. What is my part to play in the drama? I'll play whatever part you want me to play. If you want me to be a success for you, I'll be a success for you. If you want me to be a failure, I'll fail for you...."

...and so on and so forth. With a God who's created a special role for me - for you - I'm ready (and somewhat excited) for my pink robe days, my teaching days, my children's school-to-basketball-to-Target-to-dentist-to-voice-lesson days, my aspiring writer days, and even my I-hate-this-day days.

So start spreading the news!

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