Sunday, March 3, 2013

Socks and Blue Jeans

My son turns 13 next week. Thirteen. And it would seem - at least for my son - that 13 is just an extension of 12. Girls still have cooties. Mirrors are still unnecessary. Facebook is still dumb.

But wait. There is that one thing. Socks. Not just any sock. Nike Elite socks. They've got black ones, white ones, orange ones, and all-of-the-above ones.They've got single-striped patterns, geometric patterns, and no-real-pattern patterns. Football ones. Basketball ones. He loves them all.

Of all things to get into - socks. Who would've thunk it? And of all people - my son? Who would've thunk that?

But his timing couldn't be more perfect. Thirteen. I certainly remember my "sock" days when I was 13. Better yet, "Jordache Jean" days. It was all about the swirly-dazzly pattern on the back pockets. And you just knew when Sally-so-and-so got herself a new pair because she'd come to school with the latest pattern. And her butt would be all tiny. And her mom would let her wear eyeliner. But I digress.

Now fast forward to... 18? No. 21? No. Going on 40? Yes. I was sitting next to a good friend at Bible Study, and I noticed she had skinny jeans on. Then I noticed I had skinny jeans on. We both had them on. And I vaguely remember having a conversation with this friend a few years back about never caving-in to the skinny jean trend.

So I leaned in (glad to be wearing stretch denim) and said, "Never thought we'd be wearing skinny jeans, eh?" Her thoughts exactly. Then we discussed whether or not it's trendy to cuff them and stuff like that. Just look at us...both turning 40 this different from our Jordache Jean days. And to think I might go for a white pair this summer!

Truth be told, we're just a couple of Proverbs 31 women. Or at least Proverbs 31:22 women:

"She makes coverings for her bed; she is clothed in fine linen and purple."

Modern day translation:

"She has the cutest duvet cover from IKEA; she is clothed in quality denim and tone-on-tone blue."

So what's next for my son - skinny jeans? I seriously doubt it. Most likely something sport-related. But whether it's cool-boy-socks for him or the latest in denim for me, God loves our quirks. And since I'm his mom, there's going to be a lot to love.

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