Monday, September 16, 2013

Worst Emergency Kit Packer Ever

I'm naturally NOT very good at doing all sorts of things: singing, swimming, sewing buttons, and twerking. But there's one thing I'm on purpose not very good at: packing emergency food kits for my kids.

"Please pack food your child likes" is what the schools are always instructing us. Shouldn't it be more like "pack the dregs of your pantry because you'll see it all again in 9 1/2 months anyway?"

So just when I was about to stuff a bag with a few last-to-get-eaten raisin granola bars, an old can of tuna, and an even older lime-flavored lollipop (a special post-earthquake treat), my fourth grader tells me that so-n-so's mom packed an aluminum space blanket in her emergency "food" pack.

Apparently this mom is not only prepared for emergencies here on earth, affecting both food and climate changes, but also in outer space. And to think - the whole time - while I considered sending in last year's emergency pack, moms like HER were walking around!

But why not recycle and resend? And save myself a Ziploc freezer bag and a couple of perfectly good Capri-Suns? Besides, emergency or no emergency, has a kid ever died from having to eat expired pear cups? It would have made the 6:00 news - guaranteed.

So in true Jen Hatmaker style, I am sure to win the "Worst Emergency Kit Packer Ever" award. But whether I pack my kids' emergency kits like a boss with cool stuff like astronaut ice cream OR just stick to half-eaten saltine sleeves, God's provision will follow them wherever they go - including outer space. For he has "hedged them in behind and before, and has laid his hand upon them." Psalm 139:5


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