Tuesday, January 28, 2014

C Minuses in Algebra 2 ROCK

It's finals week for my high schooler. So out comes my amazing parenting skills: "You cannot search for cute hairstyles on your phone, watch The Bachelor, AND study for finals at the same time! Pick TWO and focus, woman!"

Okay, parenting skills aren't THAT bad around here. Obviously I made sure one of her picks was "study for finals." Gotta crack down!

Although I'm not too worried overall, there is one grade that has me a little on edge - her Algebra 2 grade. That horrible-awful class! I can't believe it still torments me, only now via my sweet 17-year-old. Probably because I skipped taking it in high school. I stupidly waited until college and didn't pass it until my THIRD attempt. Oh, the tears! Oh, the extra food I ate as a buffer in between each "odds only" problem!

So you can see why our house rules are: 1) Dishes with leftover food go into the right-side garbage disposal sink. 2) Don't forget to clean your nitty-gritties. 3) Thou shalt take a minimum of three years of high school math, finishing with at least Algebra 2.

But I think we're good. I just got a text from her: "Algebra went up to 74%." And that's pre final exam, which is tomorrow. So when I do-the-math, she could get a 66% on her final and end with a 70% for the semester?? I don't know where I got that. Point is, there's wiggle room! Praise-elujah, Halle-Lord!

Now with my 8th grade son...I don't think that boy has gotten under a 92% on a single test in HONORS GEOMETRY so far this year. What is wrong with him? He's a mystery to me. And to think his brain grew inside me! Inside a woman who feels like somethin' else when she casually uses the math term 'perpendicular' in a sentence - and uses it correctly. Pretty impressive.

So sure, my son is a genius. But I also think it helps to have super fantastic teachers. My daughters' teachers? For a public school, they are fabulous! But because my son goes to a private school (we do this "private school for junior high only" thing in our house - best parenting move we ever made), teachers get to send out emails like THIS from time to time:

"Please help your children relax this finals week. Let them know God is the God of their intellectual abilities and capacities. Encourage them to ask Him for help in every way. They are more than a single or collective grade. They are more than a GPA. They are treasures with strengths and weaknesses and a God who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that they (or their parents) can ask or imagine!" (Ephesians 3:20)

Anyone else with teens breathing easier all of a sudden? Good! Glad to help. You see, we have treasures living among us! And a C- doesn't make them anything less. (It just makes them sparkle more? NO! I didn't say that. Easier to be around? Not that either. More show-off-able? That either! Stop putting words in my mouth...)

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