Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Nacho Libre Easters

The movie Nacho Libre has become an Easter tradition in our home, a tradition my sister and brother-in-law have also embraced - maybe even more so. (They own a mask. See above pic?)

I admit, I didn't get the movie at first. But isn't that the point? And with its classic line - "Don't you re-a-lize I have had diarrhea since Easters?" - how could it not become a yearly thing?

Sure it's not an obvious choice. Definitely not the most spiritual of movies to attach to a meaningful holiday. But then again I find that we don't always make obvious choices. (Rushing to Del Taco after church to make the 11:00 breakfast burrito cut-off time - on Easter Sunday - wasn't the most Eastery of choices today.)

But... perhaps there is something "spiritual" to take away. Something more to Nacho Libre besides the Lord's chips and dead guy duties and big hugs and little kisses. Now I know this might be a stretch - a stretchy pants kind of stretch - but I'm thinking YES.

There's this guy, Ignacio. A lowly friar at an orphanage who dreams of becoming a famous luchador (*insert mysteriously defiant eyebrow smolder here*). At first, he wants all the recognition and fame that comes along with being a pro wrestler, not to mention the fancy ladies and lotions and creams.

But when he comes to the conclusion that Ramses, his luchador idol, is a "real douche," Ignacio soon realizes it's not about him. Rather, it's about the orphans he loves. So he ends up fighting the seven strongest men in the town - maybe even the world! - in hopes of winning so he could better provide for them.

It's all good stuff. It's true religion is looking after orphans kind of stuff. (James 1:27)

And not only that, but Nacho Libre brings our family together... in the same room... teenagers and iphones... bad attitudes included... to laugh at all the same parts and recite word-for-word all the funny parts, adding new lines to our inside joke inventory each time we watch it: "Get that corn outta my face! My favorite color is light tan. And over there is a crazy lady." And my hubby's go-to: "Read some books!"



  1. Molly, this is my favorite movie! Great Easters tradition. I think I'll begin this one next year.

    1. Hi Chris - it really is the best tradition! Miss you guys. :)

  2. Molly--we absolutely LOVE this movie!! Just can't get enough of it! It's Happy Easters all the way around here. Let's get together and watch Nacho some time while we have some toast!!

  3. Hi Lori! It really is THE BEST!