Monday, September 8, 2014

Do UFO Sightings Make YOU Think of "MORE?"

Over the summer, strange lights were spotted in the sky near my home. What was it, swamp gasses? A sign of the times? Greg Brady getting even with Peter and Bobby by faking a UFO?

I admit, it was kind of exciting. A little bit scary. Maybe even romantic? Okay, not romantic.

Oh, I know - "You talkin' all kinds of crazy, woman!" But the nerd in me wants it to be something truly out of this world. Something pointing to MORE. Like, a God more

Go ahead and say it - "UFOs are the work the Devil! Don't even go there!" Well, you're probably right. But even though the Bible neither confirms nor denies, we here on planet earth are UNIQUE creations of the one true God. (Genesis 1:21, Acts 17:24-26) A few aliens in long flowing robes wouldn't contradict our made-in-the-image-of-God status.

But that's not what I'm getting at. I'm talking about... in the vast scheme of things... I la-la-LOVE being reminded of how small I am and how huge the universe is. Mainly, how huge God is. And sometimes it's the freaky things on earth - or not on earth - that do the trick.

I mean, just a couple days ago, I got depressed - slumped into a funk - because I ate too much apple pie. Too much apple pie, people! Somethin' out there's gotta remind me there is more than all of this y'all!

And yes, we love getting busy at church with our mission-tripping, small-grouping, devotion-reading, accountability-holding, and worship-singing. Love that stuff - it's fantastic! Devotion-reading being right up there on my list!

But does God restrict himself to wooing me with his insane power and might only on Sunday mornings at 9:00, the mornings I bust out the hot rollers? The mornings I think I should, for some American church cultured reason, be nicer to my kids on the way to church than, say, on Tuesday mornings on the way to school?

Good heavens if God kept to MY spiritual schedulings. If that were the case, I'd go days/weeks/whole-routineless-summers without seeing evidence of him.

There's no taming God. Because he's huge - "majestic in holiness, awesome in splendor, performing wonders" kind of huge. Yet he's personal - "the very hairs on my head have been counted" kind of personal.

And he's just - "bad deeds will not go unpunished" kind of just. Yet he's loving - "God made him who had no sin to be sin for us" kind of loving. Or as I tell my kids, "God got in trouble for us so we wouldn't have to." (I know, horrible awful theology with that one.)

And even if none of that were true about him - nothing huge, personal, just, and loving about the God of the universe, no amazing plan of redemption for mankind - with everything in my being, I'd sure wish it were true. (Good thing it is!)

C.S. Lewis is always spot on in describing this sort of thing: "There have been times when I think we do not desire heaven; but more often I find myself wondering whether, in our heart of hearts, we have ever desired anything else."

Perhaps it all boils down to heaven, and I'm looking for bits and pieces of it on earth. Well, if you, like me, also look for God in the strangest of places - desperate enough to consider the lamest of UFO sightings - he's going to surprise us time and time again.

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