Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Fall Remix

Every Fall, I can always count on a certain cluster of trees to turn bright orange-red for me. I love Fall colors; it's a wonder I live in Orange County where they are few and far between.

But something is amiss this year, for I walked by "my trees" the other day, and their leaves weren't bright green, waiting to turn lovely. They weren't much of anything. They had already fallen off! Just a few boring, brown, drab stragglers held on for dear life.

And out of nowhere, God interrupted my little huff by putting a thought into my head: "Just look to the next tree."

Well, alright. I can do that. Because there are others. Plenty of others. Trees even more glorious than my usual cluster. Not only around here, but perhaps on that Fall roadie we hope to take in November - crisp air, snug sweaters, pumpkin everything.

However, I'm pretty sure God had more than fall leaves in mind with his look-to-the-next-tree revelation, for my thoughts quickly jumped to other things: past neighborhoods we've lived in, schools my kids have gone to, jobs and careers we've had - even past wardrobes and hairdos.

You know, things we've had to, as author and speaker Beth Moore might suggest, "remix" in order to move onto the next great neighborhood, school, job, and (thank you, Jesus) wardrobe and hairdo.

Then my thoughts settled on my 17-year-old daughter. (Sigh...) Girls. Wouldn't you know? They sure do have a knack for getting into relational slumps, real or imagined.

So in my attempts to instill hope back into her kind heart, to prep her for a "remix," I'll blurt out stuff like, "You have a whole life of friendship-making ahead. God could be sending you a kindred spirit this very minute! (Now go put the dishes away!)"

And then a quote popped into my head from, you guessed it, Beth Moore. (I'm on a Beth Moore Bible Study kick.) A quote that must go directly into my how-else-can-I-possibly-word-it? mommy toolbox, for it says, "The next person we meet could become one of the dearest people in our lives."

So what about you? Can't get your sights off that one cluster of trees either? Need a new mix of tapes? A new frame of mind? Go ahead, look to the "next tree" with me, and let's trust God with life's remixes.

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