Monday, November 17, 2014

This "Walk" is NOT for the Birds

Birds - most seem so ordinary. Especially crows and pigeons. So what does it take to get a cool bird around here anyway? Apparently, not much... for we have an owl couple living in the palm trees high above our backyard. Two barn owls - Barny and Barnice.

How did we discover this cute duo? Well, we kept hearing loud, non-boring-bird screech sounds every night. Bird sounds you might hear in a zoo. Different. Distinguishable. Definitely cool bird. And after one little looksy with a flashlight, we saw two of the sweetest barn owl faces you ever did see. They look like this:

And their screeching got me thinking: I wish picking out "God sounds" was always as easy, as discernible, as picking out owl sounds. Perhaps I'm not tuned in all the time.

But then again, there are days God shows me things about himself, about myself, and about others - things that forever stick to my soul. And there are days he's the first one I talk to in the morning, the last one I talk to before I fall asleep. And I experience his joy.

But other days I'm confused by him. Or I forget he's there. Or I know he's there, but I'm too afraid, too ashamed, or too mad to talk to him. And I fail to remember his grace.

During those times, it's good to know I'm in a "walk" with God - just like Enoch and Noah and Abraham and Isaac long ago. Not a giddy-up or a split leap or even a slow crawl, but a nicely paced, over-the-course-of-a-lifetime kind of walk. And since it's done by faith (which is hard to muster up sometimes), I'm glad it's a walk. (2 Corinthians 5:7)

It reminds me of the movie, Fiddler on the Roof, when Tevye ponders his daughter's desire to marry for love instead of having an arranged marriage. And it brings him to ask his wife, Golde, "Do you love me?"

At first she's annoyed, but finally says: "Do I love you? For 25 years I've washed your clothes, cooked your meals, cleaned your house, given you children, milked the cow... why talk about love right now?"

Then she thinks to herself: "For 25 years I've lived with him, fought him, starved with him. For 25 years my bed is his... if that's not love, what is?"

Now if that's not a fabulous metaphor for "walking" with God, then what is?

And although walking solo seems easier, don't do it. Do life with God. He's a walking partner who will never tire of you, be annoyed by you, unlove you, misunderstand you, forget about you, or fall out of interest in you. And unlike the owls in my backyard, cool birds and all, God will never screech at you.

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