Tuesday, February 10, 2015

But I Like Facebook...

Say a much-needed "Farewell!" to that WAY overdone Frozen theme, and say "Hello!" to Malcom Cutler! No, Malcom Tutler! I mean, Malcom Butler from the New England Patriots!

Sorry for the confusion, it's just my sister and I had no clue who he was when we saw him parading around Disneyland last week. But we're a couple of smart girls! So naturally we caught on to his celeb status and began taking pics and videos with our phones.

Then, without the tiniest bit of reservation (that came later), we posted our 10-second videos on Facebook. And why shouldn't we? Butler's kind of a big deal right now. And our carefree selves couldn't help but post on FB, sit back, and wait for the "likes" to roll in!

But here's the thing: we are women. And if I know women, feelings of carefree-ness rarely stay at carefree. Shame somehow sneaks in. I say this because our "we just saw a famous football player" bubble burst the moment my sister realized she had broken a rule - a women's Bible study "group challenge" of sorts - to stay off Facebook all last week. And she broke it only one day in.

You know, it's like how everyone is eating cleaner and going greener and cutting out excess in our modern day lives. All trending and buzzwordy topics for sure, topics we squeeze into our Bible studies.

Not to sound super glass-half-empty, but seems to me women are already given enough opportunities to fail at. But still, churchy gals are going crazy over this stuff. (Gosh, what a dutiful, efficient, and disciplined bunch we are. And pooped.)

So, was it good that my sister at least tried the no FB thing? Yes! And God only knows how obsessed we've become with social media, among other things, and could benefit from scaling back, way-back-of-the-station-wagon back.

But, why the shame? Why the funk? Three reasons:

1. Going a week without her sister Molly's posts would be absolutely unbearable.

2. The "cool girl" group at Bible study might be disappointed by her lack of follow through. (And they'd find out how? Mmm hmm.)

3. Upon remembering the times when the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE has spoken directly to her heart (the loveliest part of a woman) - moments that left her giddy and awestruck and in total anticipation of what he's going to do next - a girl can get seriously bummed when her "spiritual goals" are confined to Facebook, of all things.

So anti-climactic. So safe. So dutiful.

Author Beth Moore asks, "What are you bursting to do when your heart is filled with divine affection?"

And Proverbs 4:23 says, "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."

So whatever it is God is personally putting on YOUR heart to do - or not do - let it flow, let it flow, don't hold it back anymore... Oh. Excuse me. Darn Frozen. Someone please make it stop. It's everywhere. Still. It's been over a year now. All done.

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