Friday, June 5, 2015

10 Things That Make it a Good Morning

You know you're having a good morning when:

1. Before your feet even hit the ground, you decide to give yourself permission to check the break room at work for donuts.

2. There's an unopened bag of Starbucks' Italian Roast and you're SO GLAD your coffee-making preference is still a 12-cupper coffee pot.

3. While the coffee maker drips-drips, you read through an adult sibling texting thread that began after you went to bed: "Describe your last fart using a movie title." (Gone With the Wind, Pitch Perfect, Fast and Furious, Death Becomes Her, etc.)

4. The Today Show's Savannah Guthrie is looking perfectly normal-sized. Like she ate a burger and her husband's fries the night before - and maybe a piece of cinnamon toast.

5. Your 5th grader forgets it's violin day at school, freeing you from giving the "sometimes we all have to do things we don't like" speech for the 47th time. (She loathes the violin. Told me recently that she "fake plays." And that the class recital should be called a "drama performance" because she's acting, not playing.)

6. The sunbeams that shine through the cracks on the fence outside your kitchen window around 6:45 each morning are particularly sunbeamy and cheery.

7. Instead of applying mascara at your least favorite intersection using your "car" mascara (longest light ever - made me cry once, okay twice), you miraculously have time to use your "upstairs bathroom" mascara. (Not to be confused with your "mirror by front door" mascara.)

8. You realize you're not needed anywhere that night. No previously-made commitments. And you vow to keep it that way.

9. The Jesus-loves-you-shirt-wearing man is looking extra convincing as he points directly to you, then to the heart on his shirt, then back to you.

(*A quick time-out for the "Jesus Loves You" man: a short little man who walks around town, enthusiastically telling every person, car, and dog within a square mile of my kids' high school - and its bad boy Taco Bell hangout - that Jesus loves them. Although I'm still undecided on his exact level of crazy - [Like crazy-about-Jesus crazy? Or I-am-Jesus crazy?] - his declaration of God's love for mankind makes me happy. For it's not done in a religious way. And not in the usual way we find ourselves interpreting "Jesus loves you." Which sometimes is "because he has to" or a detached "if I had a dime..." sort of way. But more like it's the first time ever hearing it, first time sinking in.*)

10. And finally, you know it's a good morning when you're told that Jesus loves you!

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