Monday, August 10, 2015

The Best I-love-you-er Around!

I have some pretty fantastic I-love-you-ers in my house. People who respond to my daily "I love you" with a clear and easily-heard "I love you, too."


Except for a certain 15-year-old boy. Sure he says "I love you" back to me. But it's more of a mumbled "uh muh ew" at best. Sometimes it's just "muh ew." Or just "muh."

Doesn't matter. The sincerity is still (kind of) there. And I actually love the way he says it, for it basically sums up his awkward 15-year-old boyness.

And that's not all. I love watching his monster hands open jars for me. And I love it when he asks questions about politics OR asks what's for dinner OR "Is there dessert?" And I love it when I pick him up from football practice, and I spot him from a distance - standing there.

Just standing there. Ahhh. Watching my kids stand - watching them just be - is a little thing I like to do.

Could it be that God also loves it when I just stand there? In all my awkward 41-year-old ladyness?

Because when you peel back 41 years of accomplishments and dutiful layers, starting with the cardigan that covers my sheer blouse that covers my tank (because the shirt company struck a deal with the cardigan and tank top companies - "They'll buy all three if we make the blouses sheer. Suckers!"), you'll find that I do a lot of standing around, too... among other ordinary, ho-hum things.

Things only a parent might find mesmerizing.

And with God being the ultimate parent who loves his kids before the start of anything obedient or charitable, famous or brilliant (Matthew 3:17), he just has to be glued (just gotta!) to all the stuff we've got going on - both our humany things (standing, sleeping, sandwich-making) AND our mighty feats of amazement and wonder.

Psalm 139:2-3 says, "You have searched me, Lord, and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways."

And I must say, in a world where our value is based upon what we do, it sure is nice to get a clear and easily-heard "I love you" from heaven, even when there's not much "doing" going on. And even when the only thing God gets in return is a mumbled "uh muh ew" - or just "muh."

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