Friday, September 4, 2015

Why I'm Happy

I am happy.

Happy because it's September. Happy because that boho flowy blouse look is in. Happy because magazine covers are now touting: "Go Brunette this Fall!" "Five Fab Fall Roadies!" "The Season's Best Pull-apart Breads!" Happy because they say it'll be a wet El Nino year - for reals this time. (Fantastico!)


And happy because Fall TV is almost here, adding purpose and meaning and much-needed structure to my evenings once again.

No more absentmindedly perusing Netflix's "recently added" and "trending now" programming. No more arguing with my husband:

(Me) Come on, Jeff. Stop watching MMA fights. Can't stand them!
(Jeff) But there's nothing else on.
(Me) But they're not appropriate. Looks like REAL fighting!
(Jeff) Because it is. Besides, you already got your Pioneer Woman in.
(Me) Yeah, it's wholesome.
(Jeff) You'll just play Words With Friends no matter what we watch.

Now now, there'll be no more of that. Just fresh new shows for our watching pleasure. It's even in the Bible: "Happy are those servants whom the master, when he comes, will find watching." Luke 12:37

Now there's certainly no denying that God finds me captivating in my dowdy PJs - remote in one hand, mug of cheerios in the other, hair in ratty bun. (Jeff is a lucky man.) But I'm thinking God has another kind of "watching" in mind.

Could it be that he especially likes to find me watching... for him? Watching for him to do super cool things on a Tuesday? Watching for him to reveal his ooh-and-ahh-ness in a sunset? Watching for those in need of a pick-me-up and anticipating that I'll give them one? Watching for him to turn an impossible situation completely around? Watching for him to one day return?

God says this type of "watching," living day to day with this type of giddy expectancy, is what really makes us happy. But I suppose if TV was a thing in Bible times, he would have added The Middle and Blacklist to his list of happiness makers.

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