Monday, January 23, 2017

Rain Rain Go My Way

Southern California sure got dumped on yesterday. It rained and poured. It poured and rained. It never does this! It kept us indoors. It canceled our plans. It forced us to slow down. It turned our Sunday - a day of "rest" - into an actual day of rest. Unless, of course, you were filling sandbags.

I'm not overreacting, either. I drove and couldn't see. My daughter drove and hydroplaned. Rain went sideways! The baseball field down the street used to have pitching cages, but I couldn't see them - they were under water!

It was good for us, I think. Weather, forcing us to slow down, acting as a temporary "force quit" to our lives. Sure we didn't get snowed-in or anything. But still. We needed this.

During a recent, non-rainy-day drive to the gym, I stopped at a red light and looked around: to my left, folks were signing up for one of those fun runs, everyone wearing the same orange shirt, fighting for some cause. To my right, Boy Scouts were doing community service, picking up trash and planting flowers. And in the park behind them, soccer games were going on and dogs were pooping. There were shirtless dads pushing jogging strollers and cute moms walking with their Starbucks and workers trimming trees and a helicopter was overhead...and, and, and! (And don't forget me, going to the gym!)

My eyes beheld a vast labyrinth of human activity all in one concentrated area, at a single intersection in Mission Viejo, California, on a Saturday - the end of the "work" week. And it hit me: we all look so tired; we need a good rain to keep us home in our jammies. After all, it's been cheesily said that we are human beings, not human doings. When do we ever carve out time to "just be?"

So it's a good thing God nudged us in the direction of being-not-doing by sending us this rain. He longs for us to rest more, produce less. I mean, the guy didn't create wintry seasons for nothing, for he often uses them as a reminder to "come away by yourselves to a secluded place - put that sandbag down - and rest awhile." (Mark 6:31)



  1. You made me "see" this post. Great visuals and word twisting, Molly.

    We've had three mud days this past week, and aside from a few annoying sibling moments and a strong desire to write in silence, the cozy is just what we needed.

    Write on, amiga!

  2. I had a little grin on my face as I read this, coming from Ireland where all it does is rain. Days of rest are very normal practice. So is sideways rain, is this not normal rain behaviour in the states?

    I sit back, crack my knuckles and decide to read all of your blog's. I really like your writing style!